Real Estate 2013 Makeover

Welcome to our new website! We’ve done a complete makeover and hope you enjoy the new look.

Welcome to Bulgarian 1st Line Properties – Real Estate 2013: For advice and assistance in buying property in Bulgaria, including houses, apartments, villas, hotels, land and purchasing investment property in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian 1st Line Properties was founded to promote and assist the growing number of foreign property investors looking at Bulgaria as the place to realise true value and return for their investment. With offices in the UK and Bulgaria, we pay personal attention to detail and will guide you through all the procedures when considering and purchasing your property in Bulgaria. Property in Bulgaria is the country’s fastest growing asset. The real estate market in Bulgaria is relatively unexplored and offers incredible investment opportunities. The prices of the properties in Bulgaria are increasing by about 20-30% every year. Bulgaria has now joined the European Union and with about 1.2 million British tourists choosing Bulgaria as their holiday destination in 2008, we urge you to take this exciting and lucrative opportunity to invest in this dynamic and vibrant country that now rivals its European counterparts.